5 Things That Make Business Smooth According to Islam

5 Things That Make Business Smooth According to Islam
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Muslim-Queens.com – To achieve what we all want of course must be done with hard work and prayer. This is what makes entrepreneurs successful in business.

Becoming a businessman, may be the dream of some people. There are many processes that must be passed to be successful in business. Prophet Muhammad SAW is an example of a successful entrepreneur running a business according to sharia based on faith in Allah SWT and honesty.
Well, in Islam there are things that make business run smoothly as reported by various sources

1. Intention

Everything you want to achieve, of course there must be a strong intention to make it happen. It is impossible to get something without intention.
Indeed, intention alone is not enough, but intention is the initial capital to get what we want.
“Verily, every action is based on the intention and verily everyone is (repaid) based on what was intended.” (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

2. Pray

After having a strong intention, pray. Even though when we pray what we want is not immediately granted, believe that Allah SWT will make what we want even though not now.
Ask Allah SWT to be given ease and smoothness in doing business so that you can get good results.
Allah SWT says in QS. Al-Baqarah verse 186 which means:
“And when My servants ask you about Me, then (answer), that I am near. I grant the supplication of those who pray when they ask Me, then let them fulfill (all My commands) and let them believe in Me, that they may always be in the truth.”

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3. Trust

Surrendering everything only to Allah SWT is the right way to get His pleasure. In doing business, intention and prayer are necessary, but trust is also a way to be facilitated by Allah SWT.

From Umar bin Khatab ra, the Prophet Muhammad SAW said,
“If you put your trust in Allah truly, then He will provide sustenance as He gives sustenance to birds that leave in the morning hungry and return in the evening full. (HR. At-Tirmidhi)

4. Honest

Perhaps, many entrepreneurs out there who fail instead choose to lie for the sake of running their business. In fact, it is the result of dishonesty that leads them to failure.
Honesty is a must-have for a businessman or entrepreneur. The process of bargaining with honesty is very necessary to foster a sense of trust in others in us. If we are honest, others will believe us. Vice versa.

5. Thankful

Apply this in everyday life. Being grateful for the smallest things, will have a tremendous impact in the future. The favors given by Allah SWT are so wide, so don’t be stingy to be grateful. Always be grateful to Allah SWT whatever you get.


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