9 Ways to Calm Yourself When You’re Restless You Can Do

Restlessness felt by the body can inhibit activities that must be done. Therefore, start to calm the mind in the following way

Having a calm mind will help you avoid bad things such as stress, mental disorders, and declining physical health. Usually, when anxious thoughts will interfere with your activities.

Starting from sleep patterns, appetite, and so on. So what can you do when you feel restless? You can try the following 6 things to be more calm.

1. Regulate Breathing Regularly

The way to calm yourself when you feel anxious is to regulate your breathing. Inhale through your nose and out of your mouth. Do this regularly until the mind becomes calmer. This simple exercise will help oxygen flow more to the brain so that it is easier for the mind to be free from mental problems.

9 Ways to Calm Yourself When You're Restless You Can Do

2. Get Closer to God

When the heart is restless, feeling anxious, it is better to pray more to God. I hope that what you are worried about does not happen and you are always given a way to solve all problems. Increase prayer and prayer tahajjud.

3. Stop drowning in muddled thoughts

When stricken with anxiety, negative thoughts that arise in the mind will confuse the mind. Try to try to distract yourself by doing fun activities, such as listening to your favorite music, going on vacation, reading books, cooking, or pursuing other hobbies

4. Diverting Your Mind to Positive Things

You can start calming yourself down by doing light exercise for about 15 to 30 minutes. This activity can help your body release endorphins. The endorphins hormone itself will make you feel better, focus, and can control sleep patterns to stay awake. So, make sure to do regular exercise regularly.

5. Taking Time to Calm the Mind

Calming the mind can be done by doing things differently than usual. Look for activities that can clear your mind such as picnics to the mountains, hills, or enjoying the natural surroundings away from the city. Doing such activities will help you to release tension, stress, blood pressure, and so on.

6. Doing Meditation To Calm The Mind

Calmness can be the key to achieving peace of mind. This can be done by meditating for one to two hours. During this time, you can calm the restless mind.

Get rid of all negative thoughts and let the body feel content in a peaceful state. Enjoy the serenity created by the balance between feelings and thoughts.

7. Reading Motivational Books

If you feel you need a strong push to get rid of your existing anxiety, then you should read motivational books. Oftentimes, it will be easier for you to find the energy and confidence to be more comfortable in dealing with stressful situations.

8. Be grateful for all the conditions experienced

The next way to calm yourself down can be done by learning to be grateful for all the conditions experienced by you. Say thank you to good things even though they are simple but often overlooked. Using this method can help the mind become more ready to accept every situation that exists.

Begin to be grateful for your health, food you can still enjoy, and other small favors from people you may not know. Be sure to begin to understand and read your surroundings observantly.

9. Get up and move forward

Worrying about a problem without a solution is not going to help solve the problem. It might even make the anxiety worse. When the mind is stuck in an anxious state, wake up and wake up to move forward.

Don’t let anxiety get to you. Divert by doing another task or activity. That way, you are expected to gain a different perspective and act more wisely.

Here are 6 things you can do when you’re feeling restless. This will help you find a better solution to the problem at hand that is causing your feelings of restlessness. In addition, this condition is indeed difficult to predict when it will disturb us.


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